Empty Sella [Presenting as Hypopituitarism] and Platybasia Secondary to Essential Fatty Acids Deprived Diet: A Retrospective Analysis

Background: An increased prevalence of morbidity and mortality is a global concern; due to a lack of understanding, the world has implemented non-evidence-based medical practise, without therapeutic indication, therapeutic protocols, policies-contraception, abortion, annihilating the human race through therapy, destroying germ cells with subsequent systemic inflammatory response syndrome, linked to death. For the past >40 years, cholesterol has been blamed for neoplasms, resulting in essential fatty acids deficiency, promoting sunflower seed oil, refined oil, lipid-lowering agents prescription like water; the tragedy of this false concept of refined oil, essential fatty acids deficiency, [against God-ordained marvellous cell metabolism, from cholesterol] resulting in essential fatty acids deficiency, promoting sunflower seed oil, refined oil, lipid-lowering agents prescription like water sandrogen Case 1: A 76-year-old vegetarian man with lethargy, hypotension, and unexplained hyponatremia who had been on fludrocortisone for two years arrived with lethargy, hypotension, and unexplained hyponatremia. After an MRI revealed an empty sella, hypopituitarism with cortisol deficit, resulting in hyponatremia, was evaluated, and the patient improved with hydrocortisone replacement. Low values of LDL and HDL suggested that a degenerative—empty sella state with hypopituitarism had occurred from a long [>40 years] restriction of a diet rich in essential fatty acids.

Case 2: 17-year-old girl presented with headache, vomiting, and a weak pulse; platybasia had been diagnosed 6 months prior, and she had undergone corrective neurosurgery to widen bi-laterally narrowed base of skull foramina to prevent compression on the exiting neurovascular bundles; an urgent CT scan of the brain revealed significant narrowing of the foramen magnum, compressing the brainstem; she died shortly after. Low HDL, LDL verified, long-term [16 years] deficiency in necessary fatty acids intake, resulting in decreased steroid hormone synthesis—including oestrogen—the surveilling hormone for cell metabolism, including skull base, having resulted in prostatic hyperplasia.

Conclusion: Despite the fact that both patients were from affluent families, the cause and effect phenomenon of degenerative empty sella syndrome, ineffective cell-bone metabolism, and platybasia was the honest adherence to the incorrect damaging notion of essential fatty acids denied diet. It’s worth repeating that cholesterol esters, which are produced from necessary fatty acids in the diet, are the basic component of cell metabolism, new cell creation, steroid hormone synthesis, and genomic repertory.

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Elizabeth JeyaVardhini Samuel
Karpagam Faculty of Medical Sciences and Research, Madras University, Coimbatore, India.

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