Neurovascular Syndrome—Secondary to Endemic Subacute (Fruits Borne) Viral Infection, Consequent to Global Aborted Blood, Contraceptives Menstrual Blood Pollution and Consumption of Waterliving Toxinous Mammals: A Retrospective Demographic Analysis

After the initial onset of the identified Nipah viral infection (fruits borne virus) epidemic in adjacent state in the middle of 2018, 15 patients with fever, acute coma, delirium, and movement disorders required referral to the district headquarters hospital for virology confirmation and management. Over the past 14 months, 135 mostly afebrile patients who refused referral to a government hospital for virology confirmation presented with symptoms of mostly subacute pan encephalitis; 90% of them had vertigo, staring, personality changes, imbalance in gait, difficulty walking, bilateral saliva drooling, tremors, confusion, altered sensorium, nausea, and vomiting. 4.6 percent had impaired vision, 58 percent had myoclonic jerks, and 8% had choreoathetosis. They couldn’t afford the INR 10,000 for virology proof because they couldn’t afford it. Fruits-borne viral subacute pan encephalitis can present as subacute neurovascular syndrome, mimicking ischemic stroke, mediated by Hapten-triggered autoimmune angiopathy (blood-borne) with resultant bilateral, asymmetrical multifocal infarcts, cerebritis, and edoema, requiring recognition and successful treatment with acyclovir, antiedema, antiepileptic measures, but not antiplatelets, s Educating people on how to steam cook, pressure cook, and cook with coconut oil (pie) fruits, as well as how to steam fresh fruits. Before eating, wash your hands to avoid fruit transmitted illness, tobacco leaf transmitted illness, and endemic viral infection. Early identification, authentic notification, and treatment of subacute pan encephalitis manifesting as neurovascular disease, simulating ischemic stroke, will be made possible by inexpensive screening card testing for Nipah fruits borne virus. Aborted blood pollution, contraceptive menstrual blood pollution, as evidenced by increased ambient oestrogen, beta human chorionic gonadotropins, and alpha fetoprotein, favours microorganism development, virulence, and medication resistance. including the recent fruits-borne virus; global eradication of contraception and abortion (—non-evidence-based medical practise, without therapeutic indication, therapeutic protocols, therapeutic policies), to be replaced by a global baby boom (promoting childbirth >10 – 20 children per family) will prevent further emergence, virulence of microbial infections, including Ni-pah, the oncoming Ebola corona Consumption of water life without scales, gills, fins, or toxin-containing mammals has increased dramatically during the last five years. In 3.5 percent of cases, cortical venous, sigmoid sinus thrombosis, choreoathetosis in 12.5 percent, unresponsive but restless in 12.5 percent, quadriparesis, hemiparesis in 37.5 percent, simulating neurovascular disease, ischemic stroke; therapy with methylprednisolone, immunoglobulin reverted As a differential diagnosis to ischemic stroke, this retrospective analysis includes water intake while living without scales, presenting as neurovascular illness.

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Elizabeth JeyaVardhini Samuel
Karpagam Faculty of Medical Sciences and Research, Madras University, India.

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