Integrated Approach to the Translation of English Idioms from Cultural Perspective

Translation is a difficult and fascinating task. Idioms are language’s crystallization. Idiom translation is a difficult task because language and cultural differences mean that not all English idioms have equivalents in Chinese idioms. According to research, the six translation tactics for translating English idioms into Chinese are literal translation, free translation, explanational translation, borrowing, compensating translation, and integrated approach. It is believed that the translator’s cultural awareness and creativity determine a reasonable choice and the quality of interpretation. This paper aims to propose the integrated translation approach, one indispensable and essential tactic to Chinese translation of English idioms from a cultural perspective based on Nida’s dynamic equivalence, in the hope of shedding some light on future research in this field.

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Dr. Linli Chen
School of Cultural Tourism and International Exchange, Yunnan Open University, 113 Xuefu Road, Kunming 650223, China.

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