Spoken Political Discourse as Represented in the Hansard Proceedings

The Hansard proceedings record and transcribe spoken political discourse in the UK Houses of Parliament. This transcription and representation method captures the oral debates on Prime Minister’s questions during the weekly parliamentary sessions. This paper examines three areas of representation to determine how accurately spoken discourse is recorded. These areas are: lexical and grammatical fidelity, performance characteristics, and audience interruptions. The paper also considers how House speakers quote from Hansard and how close these quotes are to the originals. The findings indicate that Hansard is a fairly robust method for However, modern transcription and digital methods could be used to supplement the system’s representation of spoken political discourse. We contend that a more representational system based on a multitool approach should be used.

Author (s) Details

Dr. V. Michael Cribb
School of Humanities, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Coventry University, United Kingdom.

Shivani Wilson-Rochford
Library and Writing Services, CU Coventry, United Kingdom.

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