The Vicissitudes of the Edo State Council for Arts and Culture’s Performing Troupe from 1996 to 2016

The ding-dong charade of the Edo State Council for Arts and Culture Performing Troupe (ESCFAACPT) cannot be separated from the establishment’s vacillating condition since its inception. This condition is predicated, first, on the council’s association with a cacophony of nomenclature, and, second, on the mindset of the various governors who have ruled the state since its inception. it was created Another point of contention would be the troupe’s accomplishments, as well as the caliber of artists it had bred and accommodated over the years. This study is based on Richard Schechner’s performance studies and historicity, and it employs a historical-analytic method. It claims that since the mid-1990s, successive governments have suppressed performance and creativity in the ESCFAACPT through neglect and disinterest. As a result, the troupe has become ineffective, ineffective, and incapable of adapting to modern arts and cultural administration, management, and performance techniques, which is a necessary tonic for its success and survival in contemporary performance.

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Daniel Omoruan
Department of Theatre and Media Arts, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria

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