Recent Study of AC Electrical Behavior of Iron Nanoparticle Decorated Polymer Composite

According to the reviews, this study was based on current efforts and breakthroughs in customizing nano-scale structures of nanostructured conducting polymer materials to improve electrical characteristics. The purpose of this study is to look into the a.c electrical response of a PANI/FeNP/Graphene composite created in-situ with adhathodavasica plant extract in an ice-cold bath The samples were characterized using techniques such as FT-IR and SEM. AC conductivity measurements were taken at 298K using an HIOKI 3532-50 LCR Hi-tester in the frequency range 5×101–5×106 Hz. SEM images show the layered structure of graphene nanosheets in the composite. The uniform distribution of iron nanoparticles throughout the PANI matrix, as well as the frequency of imine stretching, are characteristics of IR spectral data. The investigation of a.c conductivity provides evidence for the transport properties of composites. AC conductivity values increase as graphene content in the PANI/FeNP/Graphene composites increases stepwise.

Author (s) Details

Ms. Sreeraksha
Department of Chemistry, NMKRV College for Women, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Ms. Navya
Department of Chemistry, NMKRV College for Women, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Dr. K. Vinay
Department of Chemistry, Channabasaveswara Institute of Technology, Gubbi, Karnataka, India.

Dr. Y. T. Ravikiran
Department of PG Studies and Research in Physics, Govt. Science College, Chitradurga, Karnataka, India.

Dr. M. Revanasiddappa
Department of Chemistry, PES University South Campus, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

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