Suggested Model to Measure the Value of Syrian Mobile Phone Operator’s Brand Names: A Conjoint Analytical Approach

A company’s brand is a valuable intangible asset. In this paper, nominal values of Syrian mobile phone operators’ brands were measured using the Conjoint Analysis technique based on Syrians’ preferences, introducing good data measurements for Syrian mobile operators in order to prepare good Brand strategic plans. Many mathematical techniques were used to calculate the nominal value of a brand name. Conjoint analysis is one of many techniques that have been widely used in marketing research to evaluate consumer preference for hypothetical products and services.

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Ahmad Taha Kahwaji
Strategic Management, Brescia University, Italy and College of Commerce and Business Administration, Dhofar University, Sultanate of Oman.

Wissam Abou Khalel
Damascus University, Higher Institute for Administrative Development, Damascus, Syria and Tubingen University, Germany.

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