The Effect of Instructions for Teachers’ Practices to Promote Cooperative Learning in EFL Classrooms

The study’s goal is to investigate the effect of instructions on promoting cooperative learning (CL) in an EFL classroom. The goal of this study is to investigate teachers’ behaviors and perceptions while implementing procedures and instructions to encourage CL in their classroom instruction. The study included nine teachers in total. The following mixed methods were used in this study: quantitative data from structured observations during EFL lessons and qualitative data from teachers’ daily reports and open-ended questionnaire responses. According to the findings, the majority of teachers felt that the instructions helped them support their students and encourage them to work effectively and cooperatively in groups. Furthermore, the results showed that the instructions aided EFL teachers in increasing their students’ interaction and communication by prompting them to use CL procedures. Despite being aware of the procedures, the majority of teachers did not appropriately encourage their EFL learners to engage in CL.

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Nurah Saleh Alfares
Department of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education, Umm AL-Qura University, Saudi Arabia.

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