The Relationship between Learning Method of Prophetic Character Education with Student Achievement Learning Outcomes in Vocational Education in Indonesia

The purpose of this study is to clarify the relationship between prophetic character education learning methods and student achievement in the field of character education in schools. This study employs a quantitative approach, as well as a statistical formula called Product Moment. In this study, data was gathered through observations, questionnaires, and documentation. In practice, the researchers conducted a study on the classroom learning process related to how teachers teach or methods used in educational subjects prophetic character. The school has decided on pembejaran and curriculum materials. institution. Determined using a quantified random sample of the population. After the learning process was completed using specific methods at the end of the semester, a test was administered. The test results were linked using Product Moment correlation statistical tests, and the results are as follows: there is a correlation between the prophetic character education learning method and the results for students at the school, with a very strong degree of correlation. As a result, it is clear that prophetic character education methods have relationships that can improve student learning outcomes in vocational education schools.

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Prof. Dr. Ishomuddin
University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Indonesia.

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