Nanobiocatalysts: An Innovative Approach for Advancement of Industrial Biotechnology

Enzymes are natural biocatalysts that catalyze biochemical reactions in living organisms. Because of their superior properties, biocatalysts have been used to replace chemical catalysts in the industrial sector. However, due to certain constraints, the commercial application of natural catalysts has been hampered. To overcome these challenges, the physicochemical and functional properties of enzymes have been modified using various strategies. Among these, enzyme immobilization on supportive materials is a novel approach that has successfully improved enzyme stability in harsh industrial environments. Making use of functional The enzyme-nanostructure biocatalysts are built using nanostructures as solid supports in enzyme immobilization. Recent efforts in the fabrication of novel nanobiocatalysts have revealed that immobilization of natural catalysts using artificial nanomaterials as the solid support significantly improves the efficiency of bioprocesses. Despite the fact that nanobiocatalysts are a fantastic concept in industrial biotechnology, they are not widely used on a large scale. However, as a result of extensive laboratory-scale experiments, the beginning of a new era in the field of industrial biotechnology can be anticipated in the near future.

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Dr. K. D. K. Peshala Kumari
Department of Basic Sciences, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Sri Lanka.

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