Study on Endoreversible Trigeneration Cycles Design Based on Finite Physical Dimensions Thermodynamics

This paper focuses on the design of combined endoreversible power and refrigeration cycles using finite physical dimensions thermodynamics (FPDT) (CCHP). Four operating schemes were examined, one for the summer and three for the winter seasons. These fundamental CCHP cycles should serve as the standard, with the highest possible energy and exergy efficiencies under real-world constraints. Because it defines and employs the dependencies between the reference entropy and the control operational parameters, the FPDT design is an entropic approach. identifying and characterizing the external energy interactions of CCHP subsystems The FPDT introduces a generalization of CCHP system design in which the specific influences of working fluid entropy variations are replaced with the influences of four operational finite dimensions control parameters, namely two mean log temperature differences between the working fluids and external heat sources and two dimensionless thermal conductance inventories. As operational restrictive conditions, two useful energy interactions, power and cooling rate, were used. It was assumed that consumers would be required  depending on the energy operating scheme, for the supplied heating rates The FPDT model assesses the main thermodynamic and heat transfer performances. The FPDT model presented in this paper is a general one that can be applied to any endoreversible trigeneration cycle. The FPDT design model of the trigeneration component endoreversible cycles emphasizes the cycle internal relationships between the operational functions and the finite physical dimension parameters imposed by the restrictive imposed variable.

Author(s) Details

Dumitraşcu Gheorghe
“Gheorghe ASACHI” Technical University of Iaşi, Mechanical Engineering Faculty,

Feidt Michel
University of Lorraine, LEMTA ENSEM, Nancy, France.

Popescu Aristotel
“Gheorghe ASACHI” Technical University of Iaşi, Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Romania.

Grigorean Ștefan
“Gheorghe ASACHI” Technical University of Iaşi, Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Romania.

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