An Exploratory Discourse on Labour Unrest and Industrial Peace

This exploratory conversation is about labor unrest and industrial peace. It was necessitated by the economic damage caused by industrial unrest and the urgent need to address the phenomenon. The country is dealing with the consequences of poor governance and financial illiteracy in the public sector. The inability to pay salaries and fund institutions is a frequent source of contention between the government and its employees. A situation in which those who teach future generations are denied a living wage, while political office holders and employers earn millions, both officially and unofficially, and teachers earn pennies, should be addressed. Employers and employees must work together to maintain a peaceful and harmonious relationship in order to improve productivity and sustain the nation’s economic growth.

Author (s) Details

T. F. I. Nwanne
Department of Accounting/Finance, Godfrey Okoye Univesity, Nigeria.

V. E. Mogboh
Department of Educational Foundations, Godfrey Okoye University, Nigeria.

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