Determining the Evaluation of Experts’ Preferences for Selection of Suitable Industrialized Building Sy

The preferences of experts for building material selection are a largely unexplored aspect of material research. This study assesses the preferences of experts in order to identify the best industrialized building system for use in Addis Abeba. Ten industrialized building systems were considered as comparison options. These systems have been used in housing developments all over the world. A review of relevant literature and a contextual analysis were carried out. As a research technique and tool, an analytical hierarchy process and an Expert Choice Comparion platform were used to assess the professionals’ level of preference for housing systems. The findings revealed the most important preferential attributes as well as the most appropriate industrialized building systems for use in housing development. The decision criteria and preferential method employed by the experts in this study can assist decision-makers and housing developers in developing countries in making effective evaluations and decisions. Furthermore, the critical decision factors should be considered as part of a holistic set of criteria for better design and organization when implementing an industrialized building system.

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Yidnekachew Daget
School of Architecture, Southeast University, China.

Hong Zhang
School of Architecture, Southeast University, China.

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