The Entire Life Cycle of the Universe is a One Period Sine Wave.: Negative to Positive Half Cycle of Sine Wave Represents Active State Whereas Positive to Negative Half Cycle Represents the Latent State of the Universe

As we all know, everything has a life cycle. Living species, non-living items, governments, the world, astronomical bodies, the solar system, galaxies, and the cosmos all have a life cycle. According to Fourier, a sine wave can explain any physical occurrence. Any arbitrary signal or physical phenomenon is made up of a dc (constant) part, a sin wave with fundamental time period, and its harmonics. If we remove the harmonics from any arbitrary signal or physical phenomenon, we are left with only a sine wave with a fundamental period. Removing all harmonics does not result in a major loss of signal energy because the fundamental period sine wave contains over 90% of the signal energy, but it does result in the basic shape of the signal or physical phenomenon – a sine wave. The fundamental building block of all physical happenings, including the life cycle of all living things from microorganisms to the universe, is a sine wave. A sine wave is the best shape for any life cycle. Only tiny modifications from the basic sine wave allow for the creation of diverse shapes in nature. The influence of imaginary time, which introduces unpredictability into the life cycle, can be attributed to these slight variances. The level of variation in the life cycle represents the amount of unpredictability. The amount of imaginary time involved in a life cycle is represented by the degree of unpredictability. The structure of the numerous life cycles is determined by the amount of deviation (number of harmonics). However, if we average out the fluctuations, we’ll get a sine wave, which is the fundamental building unit of the Universe.

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Prasenjit Debnath
Department of Physics, National Institute of Technology Agartala, Barjala, Jirania, PO – NIT Agartala, District – Tripura (West), State – Tripura, Pin – 799046, India.

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