A Study on the Contribution of Contact Interface Area on Sensitivity of PEDOT: PSS Films to Jasmine Aroma

This paper examines the contributions of various areas in a sensor, such as surface area, which is largely determined by the sensing material’s properties, and metal to sensing film contact area, which is determined by the type of contact formed, either ohmic or rectifying depending on the sensing material’s work function. In general, a sensor’s sensitivity is proportional to its surface area. As the surface area grows, so does the sensitivity. However, the contact interface area of some sensors contributes more to sensitivity than the sensor’s surface area. With a bigger contact interface, the depletion region around the interface expands, resulting in a larger change for the same input sample. Charge transport benefits from a broad interfacial area. When the contact interface area between the film and the copper electrode is raised while the sensing surface area remains the same, the sensitivity of PEDOT: PSS films improves. When the contact interface is expanded by roughly four times, the sensitivity improves by around two times. Operating the sensing films at various flat band frequency response areas reveals poor sensitivity at low frequencies (f5KHZ) due to the electric field effect at the contact interface, and low sensitivity at high frequencies (3MHz) due to complete bypass of contact interface capacitance. For greatest sensitivity, a frequency of 10KHz is found to be optimal. The overall absorbance spectra of the scent components examined using UV-photospectrometry are found to have a linear relationship with the sensor’s response. The sensor developed will let jasmine growers precisely analyse the quality of jasmine aroma and set a fair price for the blooms, resulting in higher economic returns.

Author (S) Details

P. Rekha
Department of ECE, BNM Institute of Technology, India.

S. Bindu
Department of ECE, BNM Institute of Technology, India.

Subodh Kumar Panda
Department of ECE, BNM Institute of Technology, India.

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