Let’s Get Acquainted: Neuroleptic Cardiomyopathy

The monograph covers a wide range of topics related to neuroleptic cardiomyopathy, which is induced by antipsychotic medications’ cardiotoxic adverse effects.

For the first time, the disease’s epidemiology, clinic, pathomorphology, pathogenesis, and diagnostic criteria are considered, and its nosological independence is justified. Myocardial hibernation in this pathology, as well as morphological changes in the heart in the comorbid course of various cardiomyopathies, are described.

The original author’s method of organometry of the heart and the algorithm of morphometric study of the myocardium were used to conduct the morphological research. The final examination of the results was done using a variety of statistical methodologies.

With numerous tables and drawings, the book is well-illustrated. More than 700 sources are referenced in the bibliography.

The book is aimed towards researchers and practitioners working in the fields of general treatment, cardiology, and psychiatry, as well as experts who use antipsychotic medicines in their practise, medical educators, and students.

Author(s) Details

Volkov Vladimir Petrovich
Tver Regional Clinical Hospital, Russia.

View Book:- https://stm.bookpi.org/LGANC/article/view/2440

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