On a Macroscopic Scale, Space–Time Symmetry makes Particle’s Universe the Same as Anti– Particle’s Universe, Whereas Particles on a Microscopic Scale, Charge Symmetry Makes Atom and Anti–Atom the Same

Every particle has an anti-particle counterpart. When any amount of anti-particle collides with a particle, it instantly annihilates itself and generates energy. The space-time symmetry is what makes a particle’s Universe and an anti-Universe particle’s precisely the same. Both Universe pairs appear to be identical on a macroscopic scale. The charge symmetry is what makes an atom and its anti-atom equivalent on a microscopic scale. For the Universe and Atom pairings, only observer dependent realism exists. A particle observer will see the exact opposite of an anti-particle observer – the observer pair will see the exact opposite reality, rendering reality relative. On a macroscopic scale, I’ll discuss space-time symmetry, and on a microscopic size, I’ll discuss charge symmetry.

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Prasenjit Debnath
Department of Physics, National Institute of Technology Agartala, Barjala, Jirania, PO – NIT Agartala, District – Tripura (West), State – Tripura, Pin – 799046, India.

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