Rooftop Solar Photo Voltaic Power Plant Design and Analysis with PVSyst Software

Rooftop solar panels Solar panels are increasingly being used to generate electricity in photovoltaic systems around the world. The design of a power plant for solar roof top generation to install a 33KWp on-grid solar power system with Latitude 16.54°N and Longitude 81.50°E for the grid connected PV system is installed at an area of 345 sq. m and the PV modules are tilted at an angle of 18° on the top of a three-story building This book details the design and analysis of a 33KWp on-grid photovoltaic system that was monitored from January to December 2019. This report also looks at the design and performance of a 39.2KW grid-connected PV system on another building’s block. The 39.2KW grid-connected system will be put on the fifth floor of a five-story structure. The grid-connected PV system with a capacity of 39.2KWp is proposed depending on the user’s needs, and it includes three case studies for the same plant with varied orientations, including fixed tilt, seasonal tilt, and N-S axis tracking. Based on these case studies, the best tilt angle for PV plant construction can be determined. Different factors are used to analyse different case studies of field orientations. The performance of these off-grid photovoltaic systems is analysed and the performance parameters are measured over the course of a year. PVsyst, a simulation software, is used to analyse the data. For the three case studies, many metrics such as module efficiencies, inverter efficiencies, array initial yield, final array yield, and PV system performance ratio are examined.

Author(s) Details

Mortha Sai Veerraju
Professor, Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, S.R.K.R. Engineering College (A), Bhimavaram, India.

Yadavalli S. V. Venkateswara Rao
PG Scholar, Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, S.R.K.R. Engineering College (A), Bhimavaram, India.

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