Assessing Critical Realism Vs Social Constructionism & Social Constructivism for a Social Housing Research Study

This chapter builds on a work released in 2018 that examined the potential impact of the Critical Realist, Social Constructionist, and Social Constructivist paradigms on a planned research study into an area of Social Housing in the United Kingdom. The ensuing research work served as the foundation for a doctoral thesis, which was submitted in 2019 and approved in 2020. The content of the original paper will be revised in part one of this document, and the application of the chosen approach to the research project will be explained in part two. The first section gives an outline of each of the ideologies that were considered. for the purpose of research Critical Realism, Social Constructionism, and Social Constructivism each have a basis and key elements that are described. Each philosophy’s strengths and limitations are evaluated in order to determine its fit for study into a specific area of social housing. The Critical Realist philosophy was found to be the most suitable after considering the impact of the various approaches on the suggested research project. The second part of the chapter explains how the Critical Realist philosophical approach was used to the research and provides an update on the research’s contribution to the final PhD thesis.

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Dr. Simon P. Taylor
University of Cumbria, UK

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