COVID-19 Threat to Major Global Urban Centers and Crowded Rural Areas

The planet is being put to the ultimate test by a new and deadly enemy: the COVID-19 epidemic. As COVID-19 spreads over the globe, the world faces major social, political, and economic ramifications. This article examines COVID-19’s threat to major worldwide urban centres and crowded rural areas after an introduction and a brief epidemiological synopsis. COVID-19’s global influence is unparalleled, particularly in large global cities, for a variety of reasons, including their status as international hotspot locations. Financial centres, heavily populated locations, and higher percentages of low-income individuals and families all draw entrepreneurs from around the world.

Author (s) Details

Dr. Jean-d’Amour K. Twibanire
Canam Bioresearch Inc. Winnipeg, MB. R3T 0P4, Canada

Nawal K. Paul
The American University of Integrated Sciences, Cole Bay, Sint Maarten.

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