A Novel Method for Dialysis, Dermo-Hemodialysis Used as the Treatment of COVID-19 and Other Infections for Rapidly Boosting the Immune System

This article is about a new medical therapy called Dermo-Hemodialysis, which can explain and resolve many idiopathic and non-treatable illnesses, as well as untreatable illnesses, by replacing common, randomly performed traditional non-scientific methods like Wet cupping therapy as the treatment of choice for a new illness called “Bad Blood Syndrome,” a syndrome described with its treatment for the first time in Medicine, which can explain and resolve many idiopathic and non-trea

The presence of bad blood in any organ can compromise that organ’s, system’s, and thus the entire body’s functions. As a result, the presence of such blood will compromise the immune system, which is the main cause of disease prolongation or deaths due to illnesses in most patients or sudden death in healthy people. Dermo-Hemodialysis is the best treatment for the current COVID-19 pandemic, and it has the potential to save the world from this global calamity, especially at a time when the vaccination still does not appear to be effective in ending this or future pandemics.

Author (S) Details

Ari Othman
Dialysis Centre, Sulaimany, Iraq and International Medical Doctor, Canada.

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