Characterization and Preparation of New Injectable Regenerative Acellular Dermal Collagen Microparticles via a Designed Combined Procedure of Supercritical Fluids and Protease Treatments at Low Temperatures

Tissue engineering, which combines medical applications with engineering materials, was crucial. The tissue and cellular molecules from pig skin were extracted using a pretreatment of supercritical fluids and a devised combined approach of supercritical fluids of carbon dioxide and protease treatments at low temperatures in this work. Using protease reagent treatments, different porosities of decellularized tissues were created. The author used supercritical fluid and protease reagent treatments to characterise the intended decellularized scaffolds obtained from pig skins.

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Ching-Cheng Huang
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Ming-Chuan University, Taiwan, Republic of China and PARSD Pharmaceutical Technology Research Center (PBMRC), Taiwan, Republic of China.

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