Cognitive Action Theory: An Overview

The lack of physically plausible mind/body models has made it difficult to include a conscious 1st person observer in scientific ideas. I’ll offer a model of an integrated mind/body system based on Cognitive Action Theory (Baer 2020) that identifies the process of creating conscious experience as the fundamental building block of reality. This building block is a cyclic temporal mechanism that connects the first-person experience with its 3d-person physical models, allowing for conscious phenomena. To enable the establishment of such a fundamental building block, we propose a paradigm shift in which we see what we do to be conscious as an a-priory action that must be occurring in order for us to be able to ask, “How can conscious creatures exist in our physical world?” This move necessitates first questioning, “How does a conscious being’s recollection of a physical world exist?” The physical formulation of a conscious being as a self-contained action cycle with mental and physical phases results from the response to this question, which is known as Conscious Action Theory (CAT). This activity combines qualia and their explanation to create a self-measuring explanatory cycle, as defined by physicist Archibald Wheeler [1,2]. Such a cycle of activity, at this level of abstraction, can support any belief system that defines physical reality as an explanation for personal experience, and so create a framework that accommodates both scientific and spiritual traditions. Visualizing an abstract action like mass and charge mobility is difficult. permits us to connect our work to classical and quantum physics frameworks. When the motions involved are modest enough to be reversible, such a theory unifies the subjective and objective aspects of our experience in a single physical framework, reducing to linear quantum formalism [3,4].

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Wolfgang Baer
Naval Postgraduate School, California, United States and Nascent Systems Inc., California, United States.

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