Consumer Behavior in Islamic Perspective

In terms of consumer behaviour, Islam has supplied advice to the human globe. The al-Quran and the Sunnah, which are life rules, are Muslims’ only reliable sources. Consumer Behaviour refers to Islamic principles that serve as a guide for acting in ways that are not in accordance with specified sharia. Human ties are not the main emphasis of Islamic behaviour. The Buy Muslim First (BMF) campaign encourages Muslim purchasers to prioritise purchasing Muslim items, which will result in Muslim businessmen issuing zakat and thereby developing the Muslim social economy. This is a quantitative study that employs both descriptive and inferential methods. The primary goal of this study is to examine the The effect of the BMF campaign on the purchasing habits of young Muslims. Using a model of Muslim consumer behaviour A total of 100 respondents from the young group were chosen to respond to the questionnaire using the Likert scale approach. The data from the questionnaire was analysed using SPSS Multiple Regression tests, with a F test result of 6.595> value F. The major findings of this study show that the BMF campaign has a 21.7 percent influence on young Muslim consumers. (as determined by the R Square value) Intention, expenses, religious brotherhood, and purchasing capacity are four major factors that determine the behaviour of young purchasers. All of these factors will have a direct impact on Muslim traders, and it is hoped that a follow-up study would be conducted to investigate these four factors that have a substantial impact on Muslim consumer behaviour.

Author (S) Details

Shahrul Hilmi Othman
Hajj and Umrah Management Institute, Malaysia.

Dr. Mohd Azam Bin Yahya
Institute of Postgraduate Studies, University College of Islam Melaka, Malaysia.

Noor Jeffri Abdul Wahab
Academic Affair Division, University College of Islam Melaka, Malaysia.

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