Determining the Main Provisions of М. Faraday’s Work and Development of Innovative Technologies

M. Faraday’s work began to play a pivotal role in the evolution of theories about chemical bonds and the practical application of electrochemical processes. In the twentieth century, a vast amount of experimental data has amassed, confirming M. Faraday’s beliefs on the effect of electric current on chemical reactions. M. Faraday’s Key Abstracts:
• The distinct nature of electric current;
• The identity of energy expressions in the interaction of material objects.

The concept of the discrete character of the electric current allows for the organisation of novel chemical reactions by combining parameters and shape of the electric current signal. The scientific provisions on the process of heat exchange (and, in general, energy exchange) between material objects must be revised, as evidenced by the provision on the identification of energy manifestations in the interaction of material objects. A large amount of experimental data was amassed in the twentieth century, showing the practical importance of M. Faraday’s beliefs on the effects of electric current on chemical reactions [1-5].

It’s worth noting that boosting research money isn’t the only way to promote sustainable development. Countries with well-developed scientific infrastructure actively organise the participation in research of talented scientists from all around the world — scientific research globalisation. These organisational patterns of study in key research domains point to attempts to solve problems through “attack.” Naturally, this results in exorbitant human labour expenditures and inflated financial prices. So, what’s the best way to convey this situation? The reason for this is that natural science is undergoing a crisis. Surprisingly, the increase in the number of experimental data, which is considered aberrant by prevailing concepts, generates an increase in attention to the experimental solution of genuine problems. The necessity to change existing theoretical ideas on chemical, physico-chemical, and other energy processes in diverse technologies is dictated by the evaluation of “anomalous” experimental evidence and extreme natural phenomena.

It is possible to formulate the concept of “energy” based on these provisions, to determine the mechanism of heat transfer between material objects, to clarify the transport properties of physical and chemical systems, and to determine the energy transfer between material objects when they move relative to each other.

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E. N. Suleimenov
Kazakh-British Technical University, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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