4D Quantization of Metric Matter-space-time in Steady Chemical Structures

The “fundamental forces” of Coulomb and Newton are consequences of the nonlocal organisation of energy currents, and they cannot change the steady quantization of an extended charge, including its metric distributions in chemical bonds of micromolecules, mesoscopic clusters, and macroscopic superconductors, with inverse square accelerations. There are no theoretical grounds for building SQUID-type sensors to calculate electric and gravitational interactions-consequences with quantum precision based on the Bohr-Sommerfeld quantization of charged particles. The metric organisation of curved space-time with material 3D space under Euclidean geometry is maintained by the self-coherent nonlocality of solitary molecules and holonomic crystals. The Sommerfeld constant and Plank length are quantitatively introduced through metrical structuring and 4D quantization of the elementary material continuum.

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Igor E. Bulyzhenkov
Moscow Inst of Physics & Technol and Lebedev Physics Inst RAS, Moscow, Russia.

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