A Mind Genomics Cartography of Insurance for Home Project Contracts: Selling to the ‘Mind’ of the Insurance Prospect

The study offers Mind Genomics as a science and process for revealing prospects’ minds about insurance-related aspects, specifically insurance that the home contractor will complete the project satisfactorily. There are many insurance firms in the globe, which means there is a lot of advertising, advertising testing, and a whole world of professional consumer researchers backing the endeavour to sell advertising. The goal is to discover the existence and character of groups of people who share a similar perspective on what they want from such insurance. The Mind Genomics technique uses an experimental design to provide respondents with vignettes, which are combinations of insurance messages that are completely unique to each respondent. The results of the regression analysis show which communications make the respondent feel secure about the project and the insurance, and which ones make them feel insecure and ready to abandon the project. According to the research, people have three main mindsets: project-focused, contractor-focused, and legal/finance-focused, all of which correspond to different components of the contracting relationship. To improve sales and client support, we introduce the PVI, or personal viewpoint identifier, which assigns a new person to one of these three mind-sets.

Author (S) Details

Howard Moskowitz
MindCart AI, Inc., White Plains, New York, USA.

Attila Gere
Department of Postharvest and Sensory Evaluation, Szent Istvan University, Budapest, Hungary.

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