A Variant of Painful Moving Limbs and Extremities: Painless Limbs and Moving Extremities Syndrome

It’s an unusual occurrence to have painless limbs and moving extremities. There are only a few case reports or brief series of instances that have been published. It’s thought to be a variation of painful legs and toes that move. It might affect the lower limbs, resulting in painless movement of the legs and toes, or the upper extremities, resulting in painless movement of the hands and fingers. Various mechanisms for this illness have been proposed, but more research is needed to determine the specific cause of this type of movement as well as the best treatment for this ailment. A 52-year-old woman was described who had painless mobility in both her upper and lower extremities and who reacted effectively to a combination of clonazepam and gabapentine.

Author (S) Details

Dr. Sandip Kumar Dash
Department of Neurology, Apollo Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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