Study on Functional Outcome, Complication and Readmission Rate in Bilateral Simultaneous Versus Staggered Versus Staged Total Knee Replacement

Background: The decision to perform bilateral total knee arthroplasty simultaneously, staggered, or staged is a hot topic in orthopaedic practises (BTKA). There are numerous research that compare the functional outcomes of bilateral simultaneous vs phased TKA. However, no studies have examined the functional outcome, concomitant complications, and 90-day readmission risk of staggered BTKA (done in a single hospital visit).

A retrospective evaluation of 300 TKA patients who had bilateral TKA was conducted. The patients were separated into three groups, each containing 100 patients in a staggered, phased fashion. We examine the complication and readmission rates in all three groups using a hospital electronic health records database. The Knee Society Score (KSS), Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index (WOMAC), Oxford Knee Score (OKS), Kujala score, and range of motion were used to assess functional outcomes prior to surgery (ROM).

The study included 234 females and 66 males, with the majority of females in a contemporaneous group and the majority of males in a staggered group. In our analysis, the average age group was 62.25 percent. The staged group had a considerably higher ASA score of 3. The patients in the staggered group had a higher KSS and Kujala score, as well as a better range of motion and a lower rate of readmission and complications. Simultaneous BTKA resulted in a slightly greater rate of complications.

Conclusion: Although there is no significant difference in functional outcome between simultaneous, staged, and staggered bilateral TKA, the staggered group still has a better postoperative functional outcome.

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Vishal Pusshkarna
Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences, India.

A. V. Gurava Reddy
Sunshine Hospitals, India.

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