Curie Particle and the Relation between the Masses of Sub-atomic Particles, Supporting (BICEP2`s) Experiments, Mass of Neutrino, Present “The LHCb Collaboration” & “Atlas” Experiments: Scientific Explanation

Light is a highly delicate substance. A photon’s mass is significant in every field of matter, and thus for the universe. Since 1936, scientists from several countries have been attempting to determine the mass of photons by experimentation, and this study is still ongoing in various countries. However, the outcomes obtained varied from one another. As a result, the mass of a photon cannot be considered. Photons, on the other hand, create matter. The Einstein equation E = mc2 gives us this idea. Once again, energy is nothing more than a collection of photons. I determine a photon’s mass (1.6596×10-54 gm) [1], which is relevant to all fields. We can determine the mass of the “Curie particle” (unknown to us) in this article. According to BICEP2’s experimental report [2], the risk is very low, and I emailed “The Authority of CERN, Editor of CERN Press Releases, and many other places” about it in 2011, but received no response. However, my calculated observation validates their beliefs, as reported in the “Universe Today” report (20th November, 2014) of BICEP2 (Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization). Dr. A. P. J. ABDUL KALAM and SRIJAN PAL SINGH reported on the mass neutrino as 1×10-37 kg [3] (in terms of energy, 0.056095861 eV) measured from the difference of two particles on June 17, 2015. My estimated figures tallied “The LHCb collaboration” [4], “ATLAS” [5] experiments, as per report, 19th June and 27th July 2015. From this perspective, we must consider the mass of photons as well as their activity. We can conclude that the mass of a photon is correct based on the computed results, and that it applies to all fields from the particle to the universe.

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Nirmalendu Das
(Retired), All India Radio Siliguri, India.

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