Impact of Television Viewing: A Review Article

In our country, television has become the primary source of entertainment and education. It has altered people’s lifestyles and has had a significant cultural impact. Some pupils utilise television as an instructional tool, while others use it for entertainment. The impact of television on young people, in particular, has gotten the most attention from academics and has been the subject of much research and controversy. In fact, thousands of research have been conducted on television’s impact on young children and adolescent teenagers. Scholars, for example, are aware of the number of hours from the television How many television sets there in the average family, and how many children and young students watch each day. Furthermore, they are aware of where these gadgets are located in the home as well as the extent to which children have access to them. They are aware of the kind of programmes they enjoy and the programming preferences of other groups. According to recent statistics, nearly every student on the planet watches television every day. Types of television shows, particularly serials and movies People are affected by clipping, news and news-based programmes, sports, and cartoons, regardless of gender, age, or other demographic criteria. Many people wonder whether television is truly beneficial or whether it has an actual impact on the viewer. This review article will help us to understand some of the issues that arise.

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Nirmali Gogoi
Assam Down Town University, India.

Pyllongiaki Bareh
Assam Down Town University, India.

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