Analysis of Motivational Interviewing in Pro-Life Palliative Care

Pro-life advocates must establish an integrous or endogenic reverence for life from conception to natural death. With sincere belief and faith in the pro-life cause, the practitioner imbues the fruits essential to begin the process of motivational interviewing toward life for their patients with patience and encouragement. Natural death, or the end-of-life after every attempt and intervention has been made to extend a life, does not relate to a lack of medication or intervention, but rather to the reverse, natural death, or the end-of-life after every effort and intervention has been made to prolong a life. The word ‘integrous’ comes from the word ‘integrity,’ which refers to the human virtue required to apply effortful moral value in pro-life health care. With firm balance and strong belief in each life for whom they care, the pro-life practitioner aims to prolong each life to the end or natural death. The pro-life practitioner will generate internal motivations in patients for surviving and effective care of any illness course if they have a strong belief in life. The components of Motivational Interviewing (a.k.a. motivational counselling or coaching) as a therapeutic modality in the context of end-of-life care will be explained in light of a pro-life palliative health care practise in this article.

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Tiffany A. Riebel
University of Pittsburgh, Case Western Reserve University, USA and Derek Bok Center for Higher Education, Harvard University, USA.

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