Determination of Portal Vein Diameter and Velocity Using Ultrasound

This study used ultrasound to establish standards for normal portal vein diameter and portal venous velocity, which can aid in the early detection of portal hypertension, as well as to develop an indigenous index for healthy Sudanese that correlates with body characteristics such as age, gender, weight, height, and abdominal circumference (AC). The study’s importance lies in its ability to aid in the early detection of portal hypertension in order to avoid complications. In addition, to lower the cost and duration of the examination. The information was gathered and evaluated with the use of Statistical Package for Social Studies (SPSS). Duplex ultrasound exams were performed on 100 patients (49 male and 51 female) with normal abdominal scans in Khartoum Bahri Hospital, Khartoum State, between May and December 2015. (hypertension, DM and patient who has chronic liver disease are exclusion criteria). The results revealed that the most common age group was 20 to 29 years old, accounting for 33% of the sample volume, the most common body weight was 60 to 69 kg, accounting for 38%, the body height was 160 to 169% cm in 39%, and the abdominal circumference was 70-79 cm in 30% of the patients. As a result, we discovered that whereas portal vein diameter increases with age and weight, male and female values are similar. There was no discernible link between portal vein diameter, height, and belly circumference (AC). The patient’s portal vein diameter and portal vein velocity were shown to have a highly significant correlation (increased velocity with decreasing diameter), which was expected and consistent with earlier research. The investigation also discovered a link between the Sudanese portal vain diameter and velocity and the international norm.

The researchers suggested that more research be done to determine the relationship between normal portal vein width and velocity and liver size.

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Maram Mohammed Fathi Ahmed
Inaya Medical Colleges, Saudi Arabia.

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