Study on Multipurpose, Reusable, Female Contraceptive Device for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Fertility Awareness Methods and Controls Stress Incontinence

Introduction: Although the Fertility Awareness technique is the safest and most cost-effective of all contraception alternatives, doctors rarely prescribe it and women rarely utilise it. Women of all ages, particularly menopausal women, suffer from stress urinary incontinence (SUI). There is a large gap in the reproductive health needs of women: 1) There aren’t many non-hormonal contraceptive choices. 2) The safest way is fertility awareness, however it is rarely used. 3) Stress incontinence affects women invisibly.

Providing women with a single device that may be used for 1) contraception by preventing sperm from entering the cervix, 2) improving the effectiveness of Fertility Awareness Methods by properly recognising ovulation day, and 3) controlling stress urinary incontinence by supporting the bladder neck.

Materials and Methods: We looked at the FemCap contraceptive device, which was approved by the FDA, to see if it could meet the three essential reproductive health needs of women. 1) The FemCap is a time-tested, safe and effective barrier contraceptive device. 2) The FemCap can collect a substantial volume of fertile cervical mucus separate from vaginal secretions. 3) The usage of currently available pessaries has a number of drawbacks, including displacement, erosion, ulceration, and urethral blockage. In appearance, the FemCap resembles a ring pessary with support. The FemCap’s Rim is formed like the pessary’s ring, which holds the bladder neck and operates similarly. The outward flared brim restores the urethra and vaginal anatomy. The FemCap’s bowl supports the cervix and keeps it from descending, similar to a supported pessary.

In 96 percent of cases, women who used the FemCap were able to identify their preovulatory cervical secretions. A positive urine L.H. spike also confirmed their ovulation (Luteinizing Hormone). The FemCap is a tried-and-true barrier contraception. It has also been shown to improve the effectiveness of fertility awareness strategies and control stress incontinence in preliminary investigations.

Conclusion: Having one versatile reusable device that can be used for contraceptive, fertility awareness, and stress incontinence control would be perfect and cost effective for women.

Author (s) Details

Shihata Alfred
Scripps Institution of Medicine and Science San Diego, CA, USA.

A. Brody Steven
Director of Life Span Medical Institute San Diego, CA, USA.

Linderoth Birgit
Midwife in Falun Sweden.

Julia Barrett
Mitchell, FemCap Inc., Clinical coordinator, 14058 Mira Montana Drive Del Mar CA 92014, USA.

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