An Overview of Open-chest Surgery in the Era of Fast-track Management

Approaches to performing thoracic surgical procedures have altered dramatically during the last century. The introduction of video-assisted techniques, which soon moved from simple diagnostic procedures to the performance of nearly any major thoracic surgery, was a watershed moment in those advances. by thoracic surgery with video assistance (VATS). Despite this, there are still indications for open chest procedures, and thoracotomy techniques have evolved to be far less invasive than the full thoracotomy of the past. This chapter explores the evolution of open chest surgery techniques and describes the current low-invasive open chest surgery procedure in detail. This results in good results with a short postoperative recovery period. There are additional unresolved difficulties in the comparison of video-assisted and open surgical procedures, particularly in lung cancer surgery.

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Dr. Ricardo Navarro
Thoracic Surgery Service, Sanatorio Allende, Cordoba, Argentina.

Rodrigo Benavidez
Thoracic Surgery Service, Sanatorio Allende, Cordoba, Argentina.

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