Study on the Effects of Interactive Multimedia Simulation Advance Organisers Teaching Approach on Students’ Motivation to Learn Secondary School Physics

Physics education is critical for every society’s technological advancement. Despite its importance as a catalyst for significant breakthroughs, learners’ motivation to learn physics has remained low. At the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, data on student enrolment in the subject has been scarce (KCSE). There are a variety of variables that can contribute to students’ lack of enthusiasm for physics. One of the contributing elements is the use of inefficient teaching methods that are not engaging and pleasurable for the students. One method for increasing students’ interest to learn physics is to use Interactive Multimedia Simulation Advance Organizers (IMSAO). The strategy enables Students develop models of real-life events, change them, and receive immediate feedback. The goals of this study were to see how utilising the method affected students’ motivation to learn physics topic measurement in Nyahururu Sub-County in Laikipia, as well as to compare the degree of motivation to learn physics between males and girls when they were exposed to IMSAO. The Solomon’s four non-equivalent control group design was utilised. For data gathering, a physics Motivation Questionnaire (PMQ) was created. The study included a total of 168 form two pupils from the four schools that were sampled. The IMSAO teaching technique was used in the experimental groups, while The t-test and ANOVA were used to analyse the data. When compared to CTM, the study’s findings revealed that the IMSAO teaching technique had a beneficial impact on students’ motivation to learn physics. The findings also demonstrated that the IMSAO teaching technique had a beneficial impact on both genders’ motivation to learn physics. The researchers advocate incorporating the IMSAO teaching technique into physics instruction in order to make physics learning more engaging and to reverse the trend of low physics enrolment in secondary schools.

Author(s) Details

Dr. David G. Ngatia
University of Kabianga, Kenya.

Dr. Patricia W. Wambugu
Egerton University, Kenya.

Prof. J. Changeiywo
Egerton University, Kenya.

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