Recent Study on Strategic Planning of a Dental Clinic in India

After completing undergraduate or postgraduate degrees, many people are torn between pursuing a career in academia and starting their own practise. Because finding a job in the dental field is so difficult in today’s economy, the greatest alternative available is to start one’s own firm. Despite the fact that it looks to be a straightforward task, it is anything but. It covers all of the steps and challenges involved in beginning a successful dentistry practise in India. The majority of practise management research is published, however there is relatively little published information on how to establish and grow a dental practise. As a result, every new dentist should be familiar with all of the critical elements that must be followed systematically step by step when establishing a dental office.

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Shalu Jain
Department of Orthodontics, Subharti Dental College, Subhartipuram, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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