Diagnostic Diligence

This article emphasises the necessity of diagnostic vigilance in forensic pathology/death investigations, and is thus directly relevant to emergency care diagnostic procedural standards and practises for more obscure or unusual types of damage. To illustrate this in an authentic and validly weighted manner, a general scenario is developed from the writers academic experiences. The author contends that the less travelled routes in emergency and/or first responder care in scenarios specified such as this one are a weak area in the nature of quality that may be statistically quantified in emergency care by precedent of the rarity of the situation.

according to the author’s expertise The scenario can be seen of as a form of question, the answer as a type of diagnostic, and the discussion/conclusion as a demonstration of the article’s overarching thesis or claim in relation to the article’s pertinent issues about rare trauma and/or injury types.


Author (S) Details

Joseph L. Lewis III, MFS
Department of Forensic Sciences, National University, 11255 N Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, California, USA.

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