Effectiveness of “Naik Becak” Song as Music Therapy for Preoperative Anxiety by Nursing Approach: An Advance Study

Surgery is a stressful event that is frequently associated with a variety of foreign procedures that the patient will undergo during surgery, as well as many risks to life safety procedures and actions originating from anaesthetic. Anxiety in patients with pre-surgical anxiety may have an impact on the physical changes that would occur during surgery, such as elevated blood pressure and emotional instability. One method for reducing anxiety is to listen to music. Indonesia has a plethora of cultural tunes to offer. The charming children’s song “naik becak” is one of the tunes that Indonesians are familiar with. This song is about the plight of the poor.

The goal of this study is to see how helpful music or song therapy is at reducing a patient’s anxiety as they are about to have surgery.

Methodology and Theoretical Orientation: The researchers used an experimental quasi-design with a one-group pre-test and post-test design to assess anxiety levels in all patients undergoing elective surgery.

Findings: A total of 96 percent of patients undergoing elective surgery had lowered anxiety levels, with a mean rank of 23.81, a sum-rank of 1071.5, and a p-value of 0.000. Patients who had a decrease in anxiety reported that the song “naik becak” was played to help them feel good and recall happy childhood memories.

Conclusion and Importance: The subjects perceive the benefits of melody medicine in the form of a reduction in anxiety levels prior to surgery. Recommendations include the use of music medicine in the treatment of anxiety sufferers.


Author (S) Details

Riksa Wibawa Resna
Development and Community Service Department, Banten School of Health Science, Indonesia.

Muslika Linda Suwarno
Nursing Department, Banten School of Health Science, Indonesia.

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