Overbearing Impact of Media on Public Health during COVID-19

The penultimate source of one’s long-term survival is good health. However, with a pandemic as widespread as COVID-19, the negative impact on health becomes all-encompassing. Furthermore, as the world becomes more contemporary, the possibility of health-influencing elements increases. ‘Media’ is one of these elements. As a result, the purpose of this article is to evaluate and integrate the impact of media during the early stages of the coronavirus’s dissemination. The media, which may have been useful in regulating public health or at the very least assisting in the long-term management of the spread, turned out to be the medium for disseminating the disease’s aftermaths. While the pandemic’s negative effects engulfed everyone, the media, too, played a role that was far from helpful. All of the media’s efforts were focused on increasing their popularity and TRP rather than promoting public welfare. While COVID-19 was largely concerned with physical health, the media, in a variety of ways, was concerned with mental health.

Author (S) Details

Ajit Kumar Jaiswal
International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai, India.

Harsh Chaurasia
Indira Gandhi National Open University, India.

Akshay Mishra
International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai, India.

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