Civic Competences Aspect in the Educational Process of Pupils from Socio-economically Disadvantaged Backgrounds

Every one of us will experience an emergency at some point in our lives, whether it’s a fire, an accident, a traffic collision, or a natural disaster, and it’s critical that we know how to recognise them and respond appropriately. The major goal of the study is to measure the level of protection and safety awareness among primary school students in socioeconomically marginalised areas, ranging from first to third grade. The text describes the level of protection and safety awareness among Czech primary school students in the first to third grades who live in socioeconomically marginalised areas. Children’s and students’ education in areas of pollution prevention is becoming a hot topic. The problem is to alert and urge teachers to continue with topics that develop not only knowledge but also perceptions of the outside world and awareness of hazards and dangers that could damage a child’s or pupil’s development.

Author (S) Details

Lukas Starek
Department of Special Education, Univerzita Jana Amose Komenskeho Praha S.R.O., Rohacova 63 Prague 3, 130 00, Czech Republic.

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