Determination of Machinery Vibration in Radial Sliding Bearings with Integrated Liquid Dampers

The use of radial bearings with segments on a self-generated hydrostatic suspension has been substantiated in order to satisfy the requirements for precision positioning of axes and efficiency of stabilisation of shaft oscillations of power-consuming rotary machines. The methods of turbomachine dynamical analysis based on the modelling of the quasistationary processes in lubricating films that balance the harmonic loads on the rotor by redistributing the lubricant flow parameters in the bearing with integrated liquid dampers have been further developed. The complex approach for improving functional properties of turbomachine bearings on the basis of multicriteria optimization of hydraulic tracts parameters and lubrication system operating modes is presented.

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Aleksandr Kiryukhin
Department of Ship Power Plants Exploitation, Black Sea Naval School named by P.S. Nakhimov, Sevastopol, Russia

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