Investigation on Micro-structural Analysis of Fly Ash and Clay Compacts

For its light weight, industrial waste such as fly-ash is commonly employed as a building material. The fundamental disadvantage of these bricks, however, is that they have a low compressive strength. As a result, there is a lot of research being done to improve the strength of these bricks. In order to keep costs down, ordinary clay is utilised to make bricks. As a result, research is being conducted to develop a new systematic technique for producing a new form of brick with higher compressive strength than standard clay bricks. Fly-ash is combined with clay in various compositions, sintered at various temperatures, and microstructural analysis is performed to identify a method to improve its properties.

Author (S) Details

Ashutosh Pattanaik
FET, JAIN (Deemed to-be) University, Bengaluru, 562112, India.

Subash Chandra Mishra
Department of Mechanical Engineering, FET, JAIN (Deemed to-be) University, Bengaluru-560083, India.

Adarsha H.
FET, JAIN (Deemed to-be) University, Bengaluru, 562112, India.

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