Slot Loaded Capacitive Fed Suspended RMSA with Meandered Ground Plane: A Recent Study

This study proposes variations in capacitive fed suspended RMSA systems. The reference antenna is made up of a 35.5 X 45.6 mm2 rectangle patch and a small rectangular feed patch measuring (1.4 X 4) mm2 that are both suspended above the ground plane on the same substrate. Probe feed, also known as coaxial feed, is a popular and commonly used method in MSA because it allows the patch to be fed at any arbitrary point with no trouble. A coaxial probe is used to feed the tiny patch, which electromagnetically excites the radiator patch, resulting in a large impedance bandwidth (BW) of 39 percent, high gain, and a broadside radiation pattern. The prototype antenna was made by meandering the reference antenna’s ground plane with three rectangular slots, and measurements were done to confirm the result for compact broadband response. After that, the prototype antenna was built by loading a pair of rectangular slots in the reference antenna’s radiating patch in addition to the rectangular slots in the ground plane, and measurements were made to confirm the result for compact dual band response.

Author (S) Details

Nandini M. Ammanagi
Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Department, V.E.S. Institute of Technology, India.

Ravi M. Yadahalli
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Methodist College of Engineering and Technology, India.

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