Determine Material of the Gravity Particles and Understand the Mechanism of the Universe Gravity Fields: A Recent Study

The study examines the issue of the universe’s gravity fields from a different perspective, relying on previous theories and concepts to find a path that will lead to determining the material of gravity particles and comprehending the mechanism of the universe’s gravity fields, using atomic and nuclear construction to investigate the gravity issue.

The goal is to figure out what makes up gravity particles and how the universe’s gravity fields work.

Method: Reverse engineering to determine the smallest sub-particles of material by observing the results in the moment of crashing Neutrons in the materials accelerator to determine the smallest construction unit of the Neutron, then using the theory of probabilities to predict the model of Photons sitting in Neutrons.

Results: Photons are the material of gravity particles, and the mechanism of the universe’s gravity fields is dependent on the magnetic fields of Electrons and Positrons of Photons.

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Armen Ohan
Independent Resercher, Netherlands.

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