Not Only Antimatter Exists in Nature, But Also Anti-Space and Anti-Time

The goal of this study is to use ions like iron (Fe) or Gadolinium (Gd) to change Kapton-polyimide films and evaluate the relationship between phase existence, magnetic characteristics, and microwave absorption. Ion implantation of Fe and Gd ions at a dose of 1 1017 ions/cm2 and energy ions of 30 keV were used to modify Kapton-polyimide sheets. The existence of phases such as iron oxide, or Gd-oxide, and graphitic Carbon was confirmed by X-ray diffraction (XRD). The films have a paramagnetic characteristic when measured with a Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM). The parameters of microwave absorption (MWA) in the X band spectrum were measured using a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) (8-12GHz). The MWA of modified Kapton film by Fe and Gd ions was increased from -22dB for Kapton original film to -35dB for S11 vector direction and up to -40dB for S22 vector direction, according to VNA measurements. It may be deduced that the nanostructure of implanted Fe-oxide or Gd-oxide nanoparticles on the Kapton film’s near-surface has a role in determining the film’s MWA capabilities.

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Alexander Alexandrovich Antonov
Independent Researcher, Kiev, Ukraine.

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