The Astrophysical Phenomenon of Dark Matter and Dark Energy Proves the Existence of the Hidden Multiverse: Scientific Explanation

The existence of a hidden Multiverse is proposed as a theory. The Multiverse is referred to be hidden because all of the parallel universes that make up it are unseen to those who live in other parallel universes, with the exception of their own. Humans visiting one of the universes neighbouring to our parallel reality would undoubtedly be the most compelling evidence of the hidden Multiverse’s existence. The nature of parallel Universes’ mutual invisibility is described. It is claimed that the hypothesised Multiverse structure explains the dark matter/dark energy phenomena, hence confirming the existence of the hidden Multiverse. The evidence from the WMAP and Planck spacecraft confirms the correctness of the proposed idea. Investigation of portals located on the planet Earth, as well as people who travel trans-portal places, support the concept. Exploration of the hidden Multiverse’s resources will substantially aid the advancement of human civilization.

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Alexander Alexandrovich Antonov
Research Centre of Information Technology “TELAN Electronics”, Kiev, Ukraine.

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