Behavior of High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete Columns: Experimental Investigation

The behaviour of square short high-performance concrete columns with and without steel fibre when subjected to concentric compression force was investigated using an experimental programme. The impacts of concrete strength, percent of longitudinal reinforcement, spacing of lateral confined stirrups, volumetric steel fibre ratio, and aspect ratio of steel fibre on the uniaxial behaviour of reinforced HPC columns were exhibited and discussed. The findings show that introducing discrete fibres to HPC mixtures in reinforced concrete columns improves the axially loaded reinforced columns’ strength and ductility while also reducing early concrete cover spalling. High performance concrete columns require more confinement than conventional strength concrete columns to attain the desired post-beak deformability.

Author(S) Details

Ikbal Naeem Gorgis
Civil Engineering Department, Catholic University in Erbil/Erbil/ Iraq.

Wasan Ismail Khalil
Civil Engineering Department, University of Technology/ Baghdad/ Iraq.

Zeinab Raad Mahdi
Civil Engineering Department, University of Technology/ Baghdad/ Iraq.

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