Determination of Uniformly Loaded Simply Supported Rectangular Plates with Lifting Corners Using Strip Moment Ratio (SMR) Method

This study discusses the application of the SMR to rectangular plates with liftable corners. The problem was solved using the traditional plate bi-harmonic equation for rectangular plates. The load on the plate is considered to be carried solely by the joint effort of transverse x-x strips and longitudinal y–y strips. The two diagonal x–y strips that are essential for holding down are ignored. Also discussed is the effect of the Poisson ratio on the span moments and plate deflection. According to the evidence, increasing the Poisson ratio increases the longer span moments of the plate while having no influence on the shorter span moment and deflection of the plate. The practical application findings are very close to the exact classical results. The SMR approach has been used to plates with a wide range of support conditions and loads. It has also been extended with excellent precision to Skew plates, irregular plates, circular plates, and triangular plates. The approach has also been used to alleviate plate vibration and plate buckling issues. This is the second extension of the SMR method to be disclosed, with more to come.

Author(S) Details

M. E. Ephraim
Department of Civil Engineering, Rivers State University of Science and Technology Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

S. T. Orumu
Department of Civil Engineering and Hydrology, Niger Delta University Wilberforce Island, Nigeria.

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