The Classic-quantum and Single-multiparticle Viewpoints: Water Drops Kinematic Analysis

One of the most difficult modeling issues in physics is the difficulty of a particle traversing a gaseous mean. In sprinkler irrigation, this refers to a water droplet traveling from the nozzle to the ground. The difficulty in defining and solving the system of governing equations for such a complex process, where many non-linearities develop when expressing the interactions and dependencies between one significant parameter and another, is the main source of the issue. When a multi-droplet system is considered instead of just a single droplet, the problem becomes even more complicated because, in addition to inter-parameter dependencies, electrical interactions between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms of the different water molecules result in inter-droplet reciprocal affection. A quantum approach has recently been proposed as an alternative to traditional classic approaches to analyze water droplet dynamics in sprinkler irrigation, but the entire classic-quantum and single-droplet versus multi-droplet alternatives must be discussed and pinpointed, which is one of the main goals of the current paper, which focuses on the theoretical part of the issue, thus highlighting new perspectives of a deeper understanding in the spray flow related p

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Daniele De Wrachien
Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Milan, Italy.

Giulio Lorenzini
Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Parma, Italy.

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